Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Good Guy by Dean Koontz

My Rating: 6/10

I have been an avid reader of all of Dean Koontz's books. In fact, he has been one of my favorite authors since so long...I like his writing style, his sense of mystery, the surrealism, the presence of supernatural stuff...What I like the most about his writing style is the perfect combination of mystery and supernatural. This concoction makes the books quite appealing and fascinating to read...

Few of my favorite Koontz's books has been: The Odd Thomas books( Forever Odd, Thomas), The Taking, False Memory, The Key to Midnight, to name a few.
But lately, the new releases(husband, Velocity) have been more of a common mystery fiction than anything else, so there were not as remarkable as others. The beginning of the plot is quite engaging but as the story unfolds and you reach the end, it turns into a mundane end...Nevertheless, if you like his style, you should read it. Here's what it is about:

Timothy Carrier, having a beer after his work at his friend’s tavern, enjoys drawing eccentric customers into amusing conversatrions. But the jittery man who sits next to him tonght has mistaken Tim for someone vert different- and passes to him a manilla envelope full of cash.

Ten thousand now. You get the rest when she is gone.

The stranger walks out, leaving a photo of a pretty women marked for death, and her address. But the things are about to get worse. In minutes another stranger sits next to him. This one is a cold-blooded killer who believes Tim is man who has hired him. Thinknig fast, Tim says, “ I have had a change of heart. You get ten thousand-for doing nothng. Call it a no-kill fee. He keeps the photo himself and gives the money to the killer. And when Tim secretly follows the man out of the tavern, he gets a further shock: the hired killer is a cop. Suddenly Tim carrier , an ordinary guy, is at the centre of a mystery of extraordinary proportion, the one man who can save an innocent life….inner resources that will transform his idea of who he is and what it takes to be a good guy.

You can buy the book here.


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